Born to very Italian American parents on Staten Island, raised in New Jersey, Cristina grew up in a very colorful world. Upon graduating high school, she moved to New York City to study at the School of Visual Arts, graduating with a BFA in Photography in 2012. Picking up her first disposable camera at age 12 for a school field trip, she's had one in her purse ever since. She has worked in the photo departments of magazines such as Women's Health, Seventeen, Marie Claire, JCK, Town & Country, and Parents. For digital brands Self.com and Glamour.com at Condé Nast Creative Group as designer, researcher, editor and photographer.

Currently the Visual Editor at Byrdie Beauty and MyDomaine in New York City.

Based in New York City. Enjoys bell sleeves, bell bottoms, The Twilight Zone, 80s music, and any pasta you put in front of her.


Email: Cianci.Cristina@gmail.com

Instagram: @cristinacianci